IOTA (IOTA) Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

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Investors look at various investment opportunities to earn amazing returns and diversify their portfolios. However, people’s main challenge is that there is no way to forecast a crypto coin’s price.

Cryptocurrencies operate in a highly volatile environment. Coin prices fluctuate more frequently than stock prices. Consequently, investors lose a lot of money in experimenting with new coins. Many have a herd mentality rather than looking at the available analysis and future forecast.

If you want to invest in a crypto coin like IOTA, it is better to know the future price predictions. This way, you will have a rough estimate regarding how much the coin price may increase in the next few years.

We will discuss the IOTA price prediction for 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2030. If you are a beginner investor and don’t know what IOTA (IOTA) is, then we have an overview of it to help you out.

IOTA Overview

IOTA is not only a cryptocurrency, but it is also an open-source distributed ledger to record transactions. It’s ICO (initial coin offering) took place in the second month of 2018 for the price of $0.0000125 per coin.

The coin raised around $14 million from its ICO, and its value reached an all-time high by the mid of 2018.

While the coin is currently experiencing a downward trend, experts believe it can bounce back in the coming years.

Here is the coin’s statistical overview. These stats will give you a clear picture of what the IOTA’s coin offers to potential investors:

Though the coin was launched in 2016, it saw a huge spike in 2017 due to the crypto boom. Many investors were looking to invest in various crypto coins after a surge in the price of Bitcoin. As a result, it caused IOTA’s price to increase by a significant amount. It reached an all-time high value of $05.63 by the third week of December.

However, the coin crashed after the crypto bubble burst in 2018. The crypto bubble was much bigger than the dot-com bubble since it wiped out a significant portion of investors’ wealth. Regardless, analysts have high expectations that the coin will perform well in the coming years.

IOTA Price Prediction 2023

The impact of the crypto market might continue in the last two quarters of 2022. So, there is a probability that 2023 could be a slow year for IOTA’s coin, and its value might not increase significantly. Nevertheless, the volatile environment makes it difficult to tell how the IOTA’s price will change.

Experts are optimistic about the growth of IOTA in the coming years. According to the multiple analysis tools, the average price of IOTA’s coin will stay around $0.55 to $0.57 by December 2023.

The positive market indicators might push its price to the highest level between $0.64 to $0.65. But if the bearish trend continues into 2023 too, then the IOTA’s price will go to $0.52. These speculations can change depending on the market dynamics.

IOTA Price Prediction 2025

2024 might turn out to be a positive year for crypto coins, including IOTA, due to increased awareness about digital assets. We saw in 2021 how NFTs became the new bandwagon, and investors looked to buy avatars in the digital world. So, there can be new projects and other programs that require digital currencies.

As a result, it will cause the value of the IOTA’s coin and other cryptocurrencies to increase. According to the experts, the average price for the IOTA coin will stay around $0.75 to $0706. Experts have projected the minimum price bracket to be $0.72 to $0.74 and the maximum to be around $0.95.

The high and low ranges depend on the market trends. If the market goes through a bearish trend, the prices may fall even below the lowest possible value. There is a possibility the prices may go even above the highest possible value during a Bull Run.

DASH coin (DASH) Price Prediction 2025

2025 can be a turning point for the blockchain industry. It will have a much bigger role in the business world than today. Furthermore, we can expect more companies to accept cryptocurrency as a mode of payment. It will ultimately impact the crypto market, and it can cause the IOTA’s coin value to increase.

However, these are just speculations since there are no ratios or financial statements available for crypto coins. It makes estimation and the prediction of the crypto coins difficult. Nonetheless, there are AI-powered tools that can give us a brief idea about it.

Our experts analyzed multiple tools to assess that the average price of an IOTA coin to trade is around $1.20. The highest possible value for the IOTA coin is assumed to reach anywhere from $1.30 to $1.35, whereas the lowest possible price can drop down to $1.15.

IOTA Long-Term Forecast 2030

Forecasting crypto is difficult since the coin’s value fluctuates after every second. Nevertheless, you can take the help of AI-powered tools and research what experts have to say about a particular coin. Experts believe the average trading price will be between $8.40 to $8.50 by 2030.

The highest expected value that the IOTA coin can reach is around $9.70 to $9.80. If the market experiences a bearish trend, the experts believe the lowest possible price to be $8.10 by 2030.

IOTA Price Analysis

IOTA’s coin has been in the market for quite some time. The company launched its ICO in 2016, and its price didn’t see much movement till 2017. After the Bitcoin boom, the price of multiple crypto coins, including IOTA’s coins, increased exponentially.

The coin went from $0.39 in November 2017 to $5.089 on 20th December 2017. However, it did not stay at that price level for too long and plummeted to $0.48 by December 2018. The coin stayed around that value for the last couple of years before seeing another boom in July 2021.

Crypto coins saw a massive increase in their prices in 2021 due to the growing popularity of NFTs. Since more and more people wanted to buy NFTs and other digital assets, the prices of cryptocurrencies increased. However, the crypto crash in 2022 wiped out the gains that the investors made in the previous years.

IOTA 2022 Price

2022 was a hard year for all cryptocurrencies that entered a prolonged downward trend. For nearly two months, the IOTA price wavered between $0.39 to $0.23. Furthermore, with the price action shaping into a cup and handle, the buyers attempted to breach the $0.3 neckline. But the overhead selling pressure remained.

The price of IOTA was forged into 2022 for around $1.37. It maintained its value throughout January, but in late January, it dropped to around $0.7115. On February 1, the token cost was around $0.72.

In February, the price of IOTA was around $0.701, which eventually dropped to $0.79. In March, the price went up to $0.75 before falling back to $0.71. On April 1, the price of IOTA started to rise and went from $0.73 to $0.9004. On April 15, the cost of IOTA fell to $0.7775, and on April 30, it dropped to $0.5305.

In May, the price of IOTA had dropped to around $0.477, and it was at $0.211 on May 11. The altcoin then rose to around $0.209 in May, and it continued to trade around this price throughout the month. In June, the altcoin experienced a volatile period, and it reached its multi-month low of $0.2334 before settling at around $0.2731 for the second quarter.

IOTA Prediction Conclusion

The future price predictions indicate that the IOTA coin’s prices can go as high as $8.5 by the end of this decade. However, there is no accurate figure that experts can come up with due to the lack of financial statements or any performance indicators.

Investing in cryptocurrencies requires more due diligence than other forms of investments, such as stocks, ETFs, REITs, etc. They are riskier since the values are unstable and can change at any moment. Therefore, you need to research the IOTA’s coin before buying it.

If you want to invest in IOTA’s coin, you should know about the current crypto market trends. It will give you a clear picture of how the coin price will turn out in the next couple of days.


Here are some common questions that most investors have before investing in IOTA.

What is the expected trading value of IOTA’s coin in 2023?

The upcoming updates to the Smart contracts will allow the token to reach its next level. In addition, various upgrades will allow investors to benefit from the platform’s features. One of these is the tokenization framework, which will allow them to receive additional benefits.
In 2023, the token price is predicted to increase significantly, with a maximum of $0.7853. The minimum and average prices for the coin are also expected to be around $0.4175 and $0.5564, respectively.

Can IOTA’s coin reach a $100 value?

There is a probability that IOTA might reach a $100 value, but it is very unlikely to happen soon. Also, IOTA’s market capitalization will be a hurdle for it to reach a $100 value. Nonetheless, the volatility in the crypto market makes it difficult to tell if it will reach a $100 value or not.

Will IOTA’s coin price increase or decrease in the coming years?

Change in IOTA’s value is subject to market dynamics. Since cryptocurrency operates in a highly volatile market, it is difficult to tell whether the IOTA’s price will increase or decrease in the coming years. According to the experts, the IOTA price might go to around $1.15 by 2025.

What is the present value of IOTA’s coin in the crypto market?

IOTA is currently trading at a market value of $0.34 to $0.36. It will likely stay within that range by the end of this year.

Is IOTA’s coin a good investment in 2023?

Like any other cryptocurrency, MIOTA sees constant fluctuations in its prices. As a result, experts don’t have accurate numbers to tell if the IOTA will be a good investment in 2023. If you want to invest in this coin, it is better to have a long-term strategy in your mind.

What will IOTA’s coin value be by the end of 2030?

The estimated average value of the IOTA coin will go around $8.4 to $8.5 by 2030. Its highest estimated value is $9.75, and its lowest value is $8.10.

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