Block Inc. (NYSE:SQ) Stock Forecast

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Blockchain stocks are now becoming the talk of the town. Investors are looking to get their hands on some top companies working on leveraging blockchain technology. Various top businesses are using blockchain technology to streamline their business operation.

Therefore, we can expect to see the value of stocks like Block Inc., to see change. Block, Inc is one of the top companies that has seen a rapid surge in its share value after the market crash in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The company was previously known as Square Inc, and its trading symbol is SQ.

Block has various products and service offers, including Square, Cash App, Afterpay, etc. While the company is famous for its financial services and digital payment services, it is making great strides in the blockchain sector.

Block’s stock value has seen a steady rise in its value since it went public in 2015. The company’s share value went from $12.85 in the last week of 2018 to around $83 in the last week of February 2020. Block Inc’s stock price saw a significant drop in its value, going down to around $38 when the market crashed due to the pandemic.

However, the growth trajectory of the Block Inc shares value throughout the rest of the months in 2020 till the mid of November 2021 was exceptional. The share value eventually started to fall from the start of Q3 in 2021, and it continued to plummet till the next five months of 2022. Let’s go over the Block’s stock forecast for 2023.

Block Inc. Statistical Overview

Block Stock Price Prediction 2023

The Block Inc. (SQ) stock is predicted to experience a 249.035% increase over the course of 2023, with a year close estimate of $249.83. Despite the dark period the entire blockchain is currently going through, the tide is expected to turn for Block as the New Year continues through different quarters. By the end of first quarter, the share price of SQ is expected to sit at $74.302. On the closing day of 2nd quarter, a share price of $84.249 is expected. By September 2023, a $113.602 share price is predicted, before the year wraps up at $249.83 for the Block Inc. stock.

As of press time, so many uncertainties plague the blockchain market, with the FTX saga continuing with SBF’s arrest. The past few days before press time has also seen FUD spread in the market about Binance. Furthermore, as of now, bitcoin trades at $17,816. This low trading price negatively impacts the whole industry, Block Inc. inclusive. Remember that Jack Dorsey outlined a bitcoin-centric future for the company in the middle of 2022. So, it’s left to see how the twelve months of 2023 will aid the web5-focused company.

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Block Stock 2022

The bearish trend of Block Inc.’s stock price from November 2021 has continued throughout the first five months of 2022. Many investors started to pull out of their investments as the company’s focus shifted toward cryptocurrencies. 2022 saw Block Inc. focus more on crypto-related hiring, which is a reflection of the company’s renewed focus.

Block Inc’s share price opened at $164.03 at the start of the year, dropping to $88.72 towards the end of February. The share price went back up, before coasting from May till the end of the year, not crossing the $100 mark at any point in that period. The sharp drop in stock value was due to the crypto market crash that left several companies on the edge of bankruptcy.

The sell-off impacted companies like Block Inc, which saw a massive drop in their stock value. Nevertheless, experts remained confident about the stock, which caused it to enjoy a bit of stability in the $50 – $70 range.

Block Stock 2021

The share value of Block Inc saw many ups and downs throughout 2021 before seeing a bearish trend in the last quarter. One of the main reasons Block Inc’s share value fell was because of its increased focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin prices saw a huge fall twice in 2021.

Consequently, many investors were not too keen on Block Inc’s approach toward cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have always been volatile, and many Wall Street investors tend to stay away from them. Nevertheless, a great majority of the investors are looking forward to seeing innovations from the company in the blockchain arena.

In addition to the company’s increasing focus on blockchain, it also did not have to meet the revenue expectations set by analysts. Block Inc’s revenue for Q3 in 2021 was $3.8 billion, which was $0.6 billion less than many analysts expected.

While the company’s overall revenue in 2021 increased from the previous years, bitcoin’s volatility is one of the main reasons Block Inc’s stock price continued to fall. The bearish trend continues in the first few months of 2022 as well.

Block Stock 2020

Block Inc’s share value soared by 250% in 2020 even as the world was dealing with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. While the company’s share value went down by 40% from the end of February 2020 to the market crash, it still managed to show an impressive recovery from it.

Due to the pandemic, people around the globe had to stay indoors and limit their interaction with others. Many studies showed how the virus could survive on solid surfaces, and the traditional currency can become a way that the disease spreads to others.

Thus, people switched toward using digital modes of payment. Since Block Inc’s primary services included digital payments, it witnessed a massive increase in demand.

Their services allowed SMBs to receive debit and credit payments while enabling people to pay for different products without human interaction. Block Inc’s gross profit for the third quarter of 2020 was $794 million. It shows an increase of $794 compared to the previous year.

The company’s services, such as Cash App and Square, expanded rapidly and doubled their earnings in the next couple of months after the pandemic. Thus, the company’s share value increased from $38 at the height of the pandemic to $235 by the end of 2020.

Moreover, Block Inc announced the acquisition of Afterpay for $29 billion. Afterpay is an Australian platform that allows customers to purchase their favorite items now and pay for them later. Many people on Wall Street took this news positively, causing the share value to increase significantly in 2020.

Block Stock 2019

Block Inc had a turbulent 2019 as the company’s share price stayed volatile throughout the year. The company’s stock value opened at around $58 on the first day of trading in 2019 and saw an increase in it of 25% by the start of the fourth quarter.

However, Block Inc’s share price later went down to $61 by the end of May before bouncing back to $81 at the end of the second quarter. The stock price continued to fall for the rest of the year, closing at $63 on the 30th of December 2019.

The primary reason for the fall in prices throughout the year was due to the company’s valuation. Many investors weren’t happy with the weaker-than-expected guidance from the company and thus pulled out their money. As a result, Block Inc’s stock price continued to go down throughout 2019.

Block Stock 2018

2018 proved to be a great year as the company’s stock price continued to make the same progress as it did in the previous couple of years. The stock price of Block Inc was at $41 at the start of January 2018 and reached $99 by the end of December 2018.

Many reasons contributed to the rise of share prices throughout the first ten months of 2018. Most notably, the acquisition of Weebly for $365 million made investors feel more confident about Block Inc’s future growth. The company also launched its services for restaurants, tapping into a new market.

As a result, many analysts predicted the company’s revenues to increase in the next quarters. The company also launched an updated version of the Reader device. However, the stock price fell to $60 by the end of the year from $99 in the second week of October.

The prime reason for the fall was the resignation of the company’s CEO, Sarah Friar. It did manage to gain back its value after realizing the financial statements for the fourth quarter of 2018.

Block Stock 2017

2017 was an exceptional year for Block Inc’s investors since the company’s share value saw an increase of around 196% YTD. The stock price reached $35 by the end of Q4 in 2017 from $14 at the start of the year. The investors were optimistic about the company’s rapid growth in the digital payments industry.

Block Inc saw a massive increase in its revenues in the last couple of years. The company’s revenue grew by 38% and 48% in 2015 and 2016, respectively. Because of Block Inc’s rapid growth, many investors considered it an ideal company for any large name to acquire.

However, the company went on to post some impressive numbers in the coming years. Its share price continued to surge after 2017 before crashing due to the pandemic in 2020.

Block Stock 2016

Block stock prices in 2016 stayed volatile throughout the 12 months. The company’s stock closed at around $8 in Jan 2016 and then reached a value of $13 by the end of Q2. However, it suffered a significant setback, and Block Inc’s stock price went down to the same value that it had at the start of the year.

The main reason was the lower revenue growth and not meeting the projections by different analysts. As a result, Wall Street did not expect the company’s stock value to increase any time soon. Block Inc’s stock rebounded later in the year after the company posted phenomenal numbers in Q3 and Q4.

The share value went back to $13 by the end of the year. It continued to witness an upward trajectory in the next coming years or so.


Companies like Block Inc know that the future belongs to blockchain technology. Therefore, they are expanding their horizons to explore this new technology and how they can leverage it to get a competitive edge over others.

Many experts believe that the changing market situations will drive the value of multiple Blockchain stocks up.

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