Hyperfine, Inc (NASDAQ:HYPR) Stock Forecast

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For a long time, medical services have remained one of the most expensive for anyone to purchase, especially MRI scans. MRIs are essential to tell what’s wrong with a patient’s neurology beyond the surface level. The only major problem is that MRIs are large, expensive machines found only in top-rated hospitals.

Inadequate access for many patients to MRI scans creates a demand gap for those who want the best for their health. That’s where Hyperfine comes in. This piece will take a detailed look at Hyperfine and give an HYPR stock forecast to let investors know what they stand to gain.

A Brief Overview of Hyperfine (HYPR)

Hyperfine (HYPR) is a medical innovator. They are a leading MedTech company and the first to develop Swoop, a portable MRI machine. Swoop is the first FDA-approved portable magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device.

Because of the system’s design, it can offer neurological scans at the point of need. Hyperfine is a company that’s motivated to support innovative patient care. Through Swoop, they intend to provide real-time information about the patient when needed.

Hyperfine’s Swoop system is beneficial to all parties involved. It ensures that hospitals can offer MRI scans to more people. Also, the hospital will reduce any risks associated with patient transport. 

Because Swoop allows hospitals and patients to have their MRI scans anywhere, it is a more effective alternative to traditional MRI systems.

This new system requires no technical expertise to operate a conventional MRI machine. Swoop is easy to use and can work for multiple applications.

Medical practitioners would also have enjoyed operating Swoop. It enables them to perform the MRI quickly using a customized iPad while plugged into a standard outlet. The practitioner can also send scanned images to other professionals using the tablet.

HYPR’s Swoop design has the patient in mind. It allows the patient to receive a neurological scan without the hassle of traveling long distances or waiting in line with other patients. 

What’s more? This innovative machine can function in different settings or scenarios. 

Hyperfine Stock Forecast 2023

With the HYPR Q4 2022 reports still to come on the 22nd of March, 2023, there are many variables expected to influence stock price in the New Year. So, predicted prices are currently pegged at broad ranges. The share price forecast through the year is expected to fluctuate between $2.40 and $7, with an average of $4.30. It’d be interesting to see the growth and development activities the company goes through to prompt this 458.3% share price increase, as compared to the press time price.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the predicted share price range ends up being generous, as the company didn’t turn a profit through 2022. The company predicted revenue of $10 – $12 million for 2022 at the start of the year. But with net loss in the first quarter alone being $23.775 million, the company’s financial standings for the rest of the year remained disastrous.

Many analysts advise the sell option for the New Year. But if efforts to correct national and international inflation does work out well, it will potentially tip the scale in favor of HYPR.

Towards the end of 2022, there was a drastic increase in the short interest on the stock. Amounting to about 5.9% of the company’s stock. This market position looks to continue into the New Year, especially because of the Q4 investor report coming on March 22, 2023.

Hyperfine Stock 2022

Despite Hyperfine’s revenue growth compared to 2021, 2022 was a year to forget for both the company and its shareholders. As of August, the stock had lost about 85% of its value, dropping as much as 16% in one week.

Through the year, HYPR demonstrated more volatility than 75% of stocks. The volatility resulted in price changes as much as +/- 15% within a week.

For the most part, a steady decline characterized the stock through 2022, as the nose dive continued into regions less than a dollar. This dip in stock prices was consistent from Q1 through Q4. Beyond internal company activities, the stock price was greatly influenced by global financial market issues, inflation, and the Ukraine invasion.

At the start of the year, the price of HYPR was at $10.92. By the beginning of Q2, the price traded at $3.54. HYPR’s price dropped to $2.06 per share at the start of Q3. Finally, the cost of this stock reached new lows of $0.81 in Q4.

Hyperfine Stock 2021

After the troubles of the COVID-19 era, Hyperfine had a smooth 2021. They launched 23 Swoop systems and had a total of 50 systems installed. This medical innovator also raised $160 million, became a public limited company, and created several new research opportunities in the medical field.

There are many exciting things to note about Hyperfine’s stock performance in 2021. To start with, the revenue of this company grew from $0.294 million to $1.496 million. Also, the gross profit for the year rose to a figure of $1.167 million. 

The net loss for the year was $64.851 million. That means that there was a loss of $17.57 per share. 

The HYPR stock was officially launched in Q1 of 2021. It had a starting price of $10.4 By Q2, the price was already at $10. 

The price dropped to $9.98 in Q3. In Q4 2021, the price steadied at a value of $10 before it finally crashed to $7.4 at the end of the year. This trend startles many as the company reported zero debt for the month of December.

Going by its upward trajectory, many believed it would hit the $11 mark before its steep fall.

Hyperfine Stock 2020

COVID-19 created new challenges in the commercial market. Hyperfine couldn’t get Swoop to its clients. As a result, Hyperfine’s value and the stock dropped significantly. 

Despite the harsh conditions of the 2020 commercial market, there were many vital things to note about Hyperfine’s stocks during the year. The revenue earned during the year equaled $0.294 million. 

The gross profit for the year’s operations summed up to $0.477 million. The net loss for 2020 was substantial, rising to a value of $23.427 million. This net loss equated to $15.38 per share for shareholders. 

Ultimately, these stats positioned the company to start trading at a high price the following year.


And that’s all for the Hyperfine stock forecast. Hyperfine is undoubtedly one of the leading companies in the US health sector. Their invention of Swoop, a portable MRI system, has catapulted them to the top of the health sector.

As a result of its growth potential, many people are interested in investing in HYPR. That’s why this HYPR stock forecast is essential. You’ll find information about HYPR’s performance and what the future holds in this piece. Before investing in HYPR, read through this piece to learn all the essential details.

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What is HYPR?

HYPR is the symbol of Hyperfine’s tradable or public stocks. If you intend to purchase Hyperfine stocks on any top-rated stock exchange, you will do so by buying HYPR.
Thankfully, it is available on the industry-leading stock exchanges worldwide. Buying it makes you eligible for whatever dividends may come in the future.

What’s next for Hyperfine?

This company currently has 50 Swoop systems installed, with plans to install more systems. They may even come up with another innovation that takes Swoop’s functionalities to another level. With more development and innovation, worldwide interest in HYPR will increase. Consequently, the stock price may perform better in the coming months.

Is it easy to buy HYPR on eToro?

There are several online stock exchanges. But eToro stands out among these alternatives. It’s a financial trading platform that also supports copy trading. Several stock options exist, as you’d expect from a top stock exchange platform. HYPR is one of the alternative stocks available on the eToro platform.

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