SafeMoon V1 and V2 (SFM) Price Prediction 2023

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Since the unprecedented growth of crypto, a wide range of coins have become available in the market. And one of the most exciting cryptocurrencies is SafeMoon which continues to garner more attraction after its V2 upgrade. Whether it’s safety parameters or the future outlook, SafeMoon looks stable for crypto investors.

The upgrade from SafeMoon V1 to SafeMoon V2 occurred on December 13, 20121. SFM managed to consolidate all of its token collection with the 1000 to 1 ratio. One of the perks of the V2 upgrade is that it significantly reduced the circulating supply of SafeMoon without leaving an impact on the balances of the users.

It has been over two months since the V2 upgrade and users need to manually make the transition rather than hope for an automated process. The goal of our SafeMoon V2 price prediction is to provide you with a comprehensive view of the cryptocurrency’s potential price in 2023. We will also try to answer some of your questions about the investment opportunity and the price of SFM.

Let’s dive in and analyze the technical price prediction of SFM and what lies ahead for the cryptocurrency:

SafeMoon: Brief Background

The foundation of SafeMoon was laid on 8 March 2021 with an original price of $0.000000001. It was only a matter of time before people became interested in this new cryptocurrency. Within a month, the price of SFM rose to $0.00000157. After that, the price of SFM started to increase significantly. But since April 2021, the price of SafeMoon has had a significant increase.

SafeMoon Sets Out for Africa

A tweet on 17 May 2021, by John Karony, expressed sentiments about his visit to The Gambia to introduce SafeMoon and the community beyond.

John Karony, the CEO of SafeMoon and a young businessman, plans to implement a new project called “Operation Phoenix” Karony also mentioned in his tweet that Ambassador-at-Large, Sankung Jawara, was the catalyst behind the operation, and the process is gaining momentum as SafeMoon continues discussions with The Gambia government. The vision behind the setup is to bolster the economy in the small West African country, and at the same time, draw attention or recognition to SafeMoon, a newcomer to the cryptocurrency market.

A tweet that followed the initial comment explicitly mentioned that SafeMoon would not replace the Dalasi, which is the official Gambian currency, but it would be a complementary tool for the country’s innovative efforts for the future.

Great Ambitions and Sustainability

John Karony’s vision for the new cryptocurrency is ambitious, as he plans to push boundaries with SafeMoon further than the blockchain and crypto marketplace has seen. Operation Phoenix is unique and ambitious in itself too because the project is not based on a single innovation, but rather multiple innovations that will operate within the greater SafeMoon ecosystem.

There is no end goal and the moon is not the only destination. The ultimate goal is to continue to create and build on technology that will continue to serve communities. Innovative technology for SafeMoon also takes the form of environmentally friendly technology as it looks to ways to address issues that impact renewable energy specifically wind energy.

The energy decentralization programs, as Karony calls them, will certainly make an impact in countries like The Gambia, and this may be the reason why Karony believes excitement has not died down in Africa, and that Operation Phoenix will help SafeMoon land successfully within the continent.

SafeMoon V1

SafeMoon or SFM refers to a token that is BEP-20 compatible and available on the Binance Smart Chain. BSC is an impressive blockchain platform that revolves around PoSA or Proof-of-Staked-Authority model with a consensus mechanism.

One of the best features of SafeMoon is that it just charges a fee for each transaction. Furthermore, 5% of this fee goes to the current SFM token holders. This distribution serves as a token reflection function that dissuades investors to sell their valuable SFM tokens.

The objective of SafeMoon is to avoid huge price dips that stem from the whale selling of tokens. A whale selling is a term that refers to token holders who hold a lot of coins of a specific cryptocurrency. In any case, the 5% of distributed transaction fee is directed to the liquidity pools.

With SFM, you can make the most out of an automatic liquidity mechanism that ensures a stable liquidity supply. Technically, this mechanism adds a tax to the entire token liquidity to ensure a stable supply.

According to the official SafeMoon whitepaper, the project mechanism has manual burning conditions. Users can track their token amount that leads to more transparency and makes it easier to spot the existing circulation of token supply at any time.

As a DeFi token, SafeMoon comes with unique functions that are used throughout reflection, burn, and acquisition of the trade. You can view SafeMoon protocol through the lens of RFI tokenomics that involves automated liquidity generation.

Depending on the number of coins you hold, token holders can continue to earn more SFM tokens. One of the best aspects of this dedicated SafeMoon protocol is that it is much superior to conventional interest accounts. In fact, the SafeMoon protocol is bound to render more value over time due to the coin-burning mechanism that makes it a deflationary cryptocurrency.

SafeMoon V2

SafeMoon has had an upgrade to SFM V2 for its users with the BEP-20 compatible BSC platform. As of now, the V2 upgrade is finalized for users to migrate their SFM V1 tokens to SFM V2. In layman’s terms, SFM V2 is the 2.0 version of SafeMoon powered through Smart Contract.

In SafeMoon V2, the accessibility, security, and flexibility is better than the first version of the SFM token. And that’s because SFM V2 comes with added mechanisms that have made the token more robust and secure for users. The upgrade also reflects that SafeMoon is highly interoperable and scalable in the dynamic crypto space.

At its core, SFM V2 comes with upgraded contracts that can alter the consolidation condition of the coin. The upgraded contract of SFM V2 supports a 1000 to 1 ratio of consolidation that can decrease the circulation supply by a factor. The best aspect of the SFM V2 upgrade is that it does not impact its user base’s portfolio balance.

It is vital to understand that consolidation serves as a DeFi feature that works as a reverse stock split in the SafeMoon. This consolidation practice is common in the stock market and would now allow token holders to leverage the perks of reverse splits. In short, consolidation clears out the number of tokens without having to change the original ownership rights of token holders.

SafeMoon V1 & V2 Statistical Overview

Technical Price Analysis of SFM

The SFM V2 token hit an all-time price of $0.003285 in early January of 2022. However, the token price started to gradually decrease which had an impact on its momentum. By the end of January 2022, the SFM V2 token closed at $0.001581.

In fact, the token lost 50% of its value in mere three weeks. Since then, the token price of SFM V2 has started to move sideways. The current trading price of the SFM V2 token stands at $0.001562, with a market capitalization of $974 million.

The price of SafeMoon V2 is currently at $0.000249, which is 0.60% higher in the last hour. Over the last 30 days, the price of the cryptocurrency has dropped by 9.45%. We are currently forecasting that the price of SafeMoon V2 will reach $0.003 by 2023. This prediction will help you make better informed decisions regarding the cryptocurrency. In addition to this, we also provide a detailed analysis on the multiple factors that affect the price of SFM.

SafeMoon V2 Historical Price Analysis

Ours collected and reviewed data predicts that the current market price of SFM V2 would become more stable in the foreseeable future. In the past, SFM has had over -4.6.3% of the negative decline in value with a consistent decrease in market cap. Still, the trend shows that the SFM has a strong potential and support in the crypto market to thrive.

SafeMoon V2: Price Prediction for 2023 and Beyond

According to the forecast data analysis, the SFM price is expected to reach a maximum of $0.000617 by the end of the year. It also predicts that the minimum fee will be at $0.000532. If you are a crypto asset investor, then you should know the SafeMoon V2 price prediction for 2023.

In October 2023, the website predicted that the SFM token will be worth $0.0005456. It also predicted that it could go on to reach $0.0007 a year later. It additionally stated that in October 2025, the cryptocurrency could be worth around $0.00082.

On October 11, 2022, CoinsKid published a prediction about the SafeMoon price, which stated that it could reach $0.0004 by the end of this year and $0.0005 by October 2023. A year later, the prediction site noted that the cryptocurrency could be worth around $0.0006.

SafeMoon V2 Forecasted Price Prediction for 2024

According to our technical analysis and forecasted price model, the minimum level price of SFM V2 can hit $0.005. Similarly, the maximum price level for the SFM V2 token may reach $0.006. On average, the price of the SFM V2 token would be $0.005 throughout 2024.

YearLowest PriceAverage PriceHighest Price

SafeMoon V2 Forecasted Price Prediction for 2025

Our technical analysis and forecasted price suggest that the minimum level price of SFM V2 may reach $0.007 by 2025. And the maximum price for SFM V2 token price can hit $0.008. On average, the price of the SFM V2 token is likely to stay at $0.007 throughout 2025.

SFM V2 Price Prediction for 2030 and 2031

As per our predictive technical analysis, the minimum price of the SFM V2 token would reach $0.045 by the end of 2030. On the flip side, the maximum token price of SFM V2 would reach $0. 056. On average, you can expect a stable price of the SFM V2 token at $0.046 throughout 2030.

In 2031, our price predictive and technical analysis for SafeMoon V2 shows more promise. In fact, the minimum price of the SFM V2 token alone is expected to reach $0.063 by 2031. Our findings also predict that the highest possible price of SFM V2 token would hit $0.078 by the end of 2031. And the average forecasted trading price of the SFM V2 token would remain 0.065 throughout 2031.


All the price predictive analysis of SafeMoon V2 suggests that it is a safe bet for investors. Despite constant market hurdles in the crypto landscape, it looks like SFM V2 would move forward in an upward trajectory and hit an all-time high token price in the coming years.

Remember that the bearish market rejects the upward trend until there is a new minimum price of $0.001580. But our technical analysis also signals that the price sentiment for SFM V2 would fall under the umbrella of a bullish market.

The fact of the matter is that the mainstream popularity of SFM V2 will continue to grow. Plus, SafeMoon has already managed to win the award for Crypto Community of the Year by the AIBC Summit in Malta. With huge endorsement from celebrities and consistent social media attraction, experts hint that the SafeMoon V2 may turn out to be the new DOGE.

SafeMoon Price Prediction: FAQs

Is the SafeMoon network safe and secure?

The SafeMoon protocol offers top-notch safety and security for burning tokens through the Dev Wallet. LP has had a direct lock for four years on DxLocker.

Will the price of SFM token increase or decrease?

According to crypt market experts, the forecasted price of the SFM V2 token can hit $0.00429 by January 2025. On the other hand, some models hint at a moderate price prediction of the SFM token with the jump to $0.00306351617 by January 2025.

Will SFM token hit $0.006 by 2028?

You can expect the SFM token price to surpass 0.006 by 2028. In fact, price predictive analysis of SFM indicates that its token price will reach $0.00616273838 by January 2028. The current forecast also hints that the SFM token price may reach $0.00701001562 by the end of December in 2029.

Is the SFM token serves as a good investment?

For the most part, the decision to pt for an SFM investment depends on individual circumstances as well as willingness to take risks. Since the crypto market is highly volatile, most cryptocurrencies are regarded as high-risk digital assets.

The best course of action for investors is to conduct basic research and review the risk level. Think of it as an initial preparation before you decide to invest. Besides, the last thing you should do is invest money that you cannot afford to gamble in the first place.

What is the total circulation of SafeMoon coins?

The total supply of SafeMoon tokens is 1,000,000,000,000,000 and 223,000,000,000,000 coins are burned. The supply works on a 5% redistributed fee that applies to all token holders.

Should you hold, sell, or buy SFM as per future price predictions?

When it comes to the price forecast of SafeMoon, the algorithm-based prediction works in favor of SFM. The current price estimate suggests that the SFM token will reach $0.00254 by January 2023.

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