Edward Snowden Throws Himself at Elon Musk to Become Twitter’s CEO

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Edward Snowden offers to become Twitter’s CEO, even if it involves Bitcoin payments. His tweet comes on the heels of Elon Musk’s post for a new Twitter CEO. To many, it seems highly unlikely
Edward Snowden

You would agree that Twitter has not exactly been a trailblazer in the news lately. If anything, it has been controversial, the latest being the Hunter Biden laptop story. While Elon Musk makes good on his promise to bring transparency to the platform, things have not gone down well with the populace.

From massive layoffs to requesting that fired staff return, Twitter has become even more popular. One striking thing we have seen is Elon Musk’s constant tweets on the platform. One may wonder how he effectively manages all his companies, including Tesla, SpaceX, etc.

The eye-catching news for today is Edward Snowden’s reply to Elon Musk’s tweet about getting a new CEO. It began when the latter offered to step down as CEO depending on the results of a Twitter pool. 

Well, you guessed right—the results of the poll showed 57% voting for him to step down.

Edward Snowden’s Offer to Take on the Role of CEO

Shortly after Elon Musk’s tweet for a new CEO, Edward Snowden wasted no time throwing himself at the billionaire. You know the role of a CEO is highly contested. Hence, Edward needed an edge over the other contenders.

While many people rolled out their plans for the next Twitter CEO, Edward Snowden offered the unthinkable. Well, you will not exactly put it out of the ordinary, considering the age at which we find ourselves. In a nutshell, the former National Security Agency employee and consultant offered to receive payment in Bitcoin.

The question remains: why mention Bitcoin? Elon Musk has stated that Tesla would accept Bitcoin and Dogecoin as payments. That could have informed Edward Snowden’s decision to put forward his bid with cryptocurrency.

As expected, reactions have trailed the tweet, with some users looking excitedly forward to it. However, many have not let go of his betrayals under the National Security Agency.

The role of Twitter’s CEO is not easy, and it is definitely telling on Elon Musk. With bankruptcy on the horizon, it has been difficult for the company. Still, the billionaire is determined to turn the tide and make Twitter profitable.

Is Elon Musk Stepping Down?

Despite his assurances to abide by the results, Elon Musk might not step down soon. The results may have shown his departure, but many have voiced their concerns. The entire situation appears to be staged rather than real.

Elon Musk tweeted that there will be votes before implementing any significant policy change. Still, its other tweets point to something different than stepping down as CEO.

On one occasion, the billionaire tweeted about finding the CEO to keep Twitter alive. He is fine finding someone to take on the role. His primary concern is finding someone to keep his company alive.

Running multiple companies is sure to keep him busy all day long. Whether he has a secret recipe that helps him manage his bubbling businesses or not, Twitter has proven stubborn. We all knew turning the tides and making the company profitable wouldn’t come on a platter of gold.

Perhaps the billionaire could have hired someone else from the start. The stack of reality has come to bear, and he might be overwhelmed.

Elon Musk’s Plan to Step Away from the Limelight

The billionaire had already offered his thoughts on becoming Twitter’s CEO. His plans never involved him staying permanently in that position. Instead, he wanted to occupy the space temporarily.

At one point, he was vocal about reducing his time at Twitter and finding someone else to lead the company. The question on everyone’s lips is whether the time has come for him to step down.

The Tesla founder has made this true on most of his tweets. He promised to release the Hunter Biden laptop story, and he did. Nevertheless, there have been a few cases where he has backtracked on his decision.

Whether Elon Musk has found someone to fill the shoes already or not, one thing is sure: He will go for someone who can keep Twitter profitable. At least, that is what keeping Twitter alive means.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and observe the events of the coming weeks. It could be a matter of when and not if the billionaire will make good on his words. Twitter does need a CEO who will be solely focused on the company. 

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