Luna Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction

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Luna Classic (LUNC) arose from the ashes of LUNA, the crypto built on top of the Terra network before its collapse.

Despite the events that hit Terra, and the entire crypto space, the Terra community was able to rebuild a new blockchain project, Terra Classic, this time built on advanced technologies, cross-chain activities, and a focus on value and developers. 

That’s why LUNC is now a fully functional crypto, which can be considered as an example of community resilience. 

In this article, we will cover LUNC price predictions in the short and long run, based not only on technical analysis, but also on the upgrades and proposals of the Terra Classic community to improve the project over time and recover the reputation of this blockchain-based project. 

Luna Classic Overview

LUNC is now a crypto aimed at rewarding developers and community and increasing the adoption of cryptos across the globe – especially thanks to cross-chain transactions and cooperation among protocols. 

The current position of LUNC in the crypto space, according to data gathered by CoinMarketCap, see LUNC as the 75th crypto by market capitalization currently available. 

This can be considered a significant result for the Terra community, which had to rebuild the project from the rise and collapse of Terra. 

While the previous network was mainly focused on the creation of straightforward crypto payments and the creation of algorithmic stablecoins, LUNC is focused on progress and communities – a possible wider adoption of cryptocurrencies could be the consequence of this intensive work. 

After May 2022, LUNC was relaunched as the crypto of the new network created thanks to the hard fork of the previous version of the Terra blockchain. 

That final “C” stands for “Classic” – and according to some crypto enthusiasts, this might be a reference to Ethereum

The current design of the crypto gives full control to the community: the wallet of Terraform Labs, the company behind the creation of Terra, was removed from the distribution that gave Terra and Luna holders access to the new cryptos based on the advanced network. 

LUNC is currently traded for an extremely small fraction of the price reached by Luna in the past, but the community is constantly working on improvements to increase the value of the digital asset. 

The alignment with the Cosmos ecosystem to facilitate the development of smart contracts, the upgrades to improve security and the introduction of the Alliance module to facilitate cross-chain transactions, and of AI-based tools that can work directly on the blockchain, might be factored in to forecast the future price of LUNC. 

For now, let’s focus also on technical parameters to make our LUNC price predictions up to 2030. 

Luna Classic Price Prediction 2023

At the time of writing, the price of LUNC is at around $0.000091 – far away from the all-time-high reached by LUNA in 2022, set at over $119 (but we will see more about this later). 

To make a LUNC price prediction for 2023, we need to take into account a mix of  technical and fundamental analysis, including the new developments in the Terra blockchain and community. 

The blockchain has gone through significant upgrades and is set to complete other fundamental developments over time. 

One of the most important upgrades is the CosmWasm version 2.0.1 Parity upgrade: carried out by the team of Terra developers Joint L1 Task Force, it is the first step for future developments aimed not only at increasing the price of the asset, but also to move in parity with other blockchains, improving the adoption of the Terra Classic blockchain. 

One of the partnerships with other modules and chains is the partnership with Alliance: this open-source module, part of the Cosmos ecosystem, is aimed at leveraging interchain staking, and it launched on Terra’s testnet. 

As mentioned, these are just some of the technical developments and upgrades that involve the LUNC blockchain, and all this might have a positive impact on the price of LUNC for 2023.

Despite this, new trends usually don’t start in a day, so LUNC might go through 2023 in a range between $0.000080 and $0.00010 – if the downtrend completes its development with a distribution phase.

Source: TradingView

Luna Classic Price Prediction 2024

If 2023 should end with the full development of the final phase of the downtrend and the beginning of the accumulation phase, 2024 should be the year of the initial phase of a new positive trend. 

According to our analysis, LUNC should at least reach a first resistance level, which could correspond to the 23.6% Fibonacci level at around $0.00021. 

Source: TradingView

In these cases, for a new trend to develop, there should be an increased trading volume to break the initial upper range of the accumulation phase. If this doesn’t happen, the trend might need more time to develop. 

According to some analysts, the price of LUNC could stay at around $0.00018. A more positive forecast might be influenced by the constant developments and upgrades involving the Terra ecosystem. 2024 might end with a higher price at around $0.0003.

Users and analysts on crypto exchanges like Binance have a more negative view about the future price of LUNC: in particular, 2024 should witness a very small increase in the price of Luna Classic – compared to the current price – and set the price of LUNC at around $0.000095 by the end of 2024. 

Luna Classic Price Prediction 2025

A technical analysis of LUNC might be more difficult, especially because of the collapse that hit the Terra ecosystem – which might produce biased data. 

Despite this, the technological development around the blockchain might positively affect the price of the token, as well as other factors should be considered as positive. 

For instance, the recent banking crisis and the several lawsuits against crypto exchanges forced regulators to reconsider crypto regulations – especially because of the negative effects that too tough regulatory frameworks have on traders and investors. 

If crypto regulation is not positively seen by the whole crypto community, since it might be dangerous to regulate unique assets like cryptos in the same ways used for other financial assets, regulation might also mean an increased adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology – since many concerns would be addressed. 

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) doesn’t have a very positive opinion about cryptos: a lack of regulation might be a threat to the financial stability and sovereignty of countries, that’s why regulators should act fast according to the international organization. 

On the other hand, cryptos and users can always benefit from decentralization, and users always have the final say. Around the world, emerging economies and Asian countries have become increasingly crypto-friendly, while countries like El Salvador have already adopted crypto like Bitcoin as legal tender. 

Will this influence cryptos like LUNC, which are headed towards partnerships and cross-chain advantages?

According to Binance price predictions, LUNC should reach $0.0001 by the end of 2025, while analysts of websites like Price Predictions the token should reach a maximum price of around $0.00029 by the end of the year – a price that might coincide with a correction if the beginning of a new trend will hold. 

Luna Classic Price Prediction 2026

If the positive trend finds enough trading volume to start, LUNC price might reach a new resistance level in 2026. 

Also in this case, not all analysts agree on the future developments of LUNC. 

While analysts on Binance tend to make more conservative predictions and forecast a slight increase in price, set at around $0.00010, some analysts tend to be more bullish. 

According to websites specialized in crypto price predictions, like DigitalCoinPrice, the price of Luna Classic might reach a level around $0.00041. 

This prediction might be more in line with the possible Fibonacci levels LUNC might reach – levels often used by technical traders to make predictions on financial assets prices.

In fact, the 61.8% Fibonacci level is at around $0.00043, as shown in the image below: 

Source: TradingView

Long-term Luna Classic Forecast 2030

Under a long-term perspective, by 2030 LUNC might have completed a full market cycle. 

Usually, market cycles make it possible for financial assets to reach prices that are higher than those reached during the previous cycle – this is one of the main assumptions behind the buy-and-hold strategy, since investors assume that the price of a valuable financial asset will increase in the long-run. 

In this case, as we mentioned, the repercussions of the collapse can produce biased data and the asset might require more time to recover natural market cycles. 

That’s why it is not common among analysts and technical traders to think that LUNC might reach a new all-time-high, and the price might travel above $0.001, but not reach extreme prices close to the price levels previously reached by LUNA.   

On the other hand, the developments realized by the Terra Classic community and the introduction of AI tools might make this process faster, and improve the adoption of Luna Classic.

Luna Classic Price Analysis

As we said, LUNC was the result of the rebuilding work carried out by the community after the Terra Luna collapse occurred in 2022. 

So, we can analyze only data from the second half of 2022 when it comes to LUNC. 

According to data gathered from the Binance exchange, LUNC started September 2022 at over $0.0005. We need to consider that Binance was among the top investors in Terra, and it soon listed the new crypto, something that could help the price of LUNC. Despite this, the collapse of the project was still too vivid and 2022 was the year of a general crisis for the crypto space. 

The price dropped soon, and occasionally recovered in line with the announcements of upgrades and new proposals – especially the Parity upgrade. 

However, one of the top goals of the community is to lead the price of LUNC towards the $1 level, and this might also influence the current view of analysts – who tend to consider LUNC as a strong sell right now.

Luna Classic Prediction Conclusion

The price predictions related to LUNC might be more uncertain than those made for other cryptocurrencies. 

The events that affect the network could influence the opinion of analysts and traders, and there are in fact ranges proposed by different communities and analysts that are wider than those usually observed for other digital assets. 

However, we based our LUNC price predictions up to 2030 on technical and fundamental analysis, also considering the constant improvements and upgrades involving this crypto project. 

So, even if no one can predict the price of a token with absolute certainty, there are many factors to consider when it comes to LUNC, and – if they are all taken into account – predictions concerning increasing prices could be safe enough. 

Despite this, always do your own research before investing!


What is the current price of LUNC?

The current price of LUNC is at around $0.00009. It is quite distant from the initial price observed on Bianance in September 2022, when the price of LUNC was above $0.0005.

Is the price of LUNC going to rise?

It is safe to assess that the price of LUNC will rise, not only for the natural effects of market cycles, but also because of the upgrades and constant improvements designed by the Terra community to improve the value of LUNC.

What will the price of LUNC be in 2030?

Analysts have different opinions on the future price of LUNC in the long run, but the price of LUNC should complete a full market cycle and travel above $0.001 by 2030.

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