Investors Predict That Bitcoin Has Hit Its Low

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The first indications of melting are appearing as the cryptocurrency winter progresses into June. When looking at the amount of money flowing into regulated crypto funds, which constitute a small percentage of the market but are popular among retail and institutional investors alike, some analysts believe Bitcoin is getting close to the end of its low.

As per stats, total transfers into such accounts improved evenly in May, with average weekly inflows of $66.5 million, a turnaround from a terrible April when they witnessed average weekly outflows of $49.6 million.

According to Ben McMillan, Arizona-based IDX Digital Assets’s chief investment officer, it’s mostly institutions and, to a degree, retail investors who see that the damage has been experienced, and we’re further from the peak than the bottom.

Very little short-term fluctuation may be worth long-term payouts if you’re coming into cryptocurrency at these levels, he noted. Many professional investors are beginning to consider cryptocurrency as a possible source of long-term development.

However, it’s challenging to say if the hesitant flows will carry on or if the upcoming trend may spread across the market.

Numerous investors may become hesitant to enter the crypto market after getting nailed by worries about worldwide financial tightening and increasing inflation. Bitcoin’s value has dropped approximately 50% since its high in November, is down one third, and has been stagnant around $30,000 for the whole of May.

Despite this, data from funds suggests that some traders are returning to cryptocurrencies, albeit via the perceived security of ETPs, which offer greater security and liquidity.

The holdings under management of different crypto-futures ETFs have surged in the recent week, according to Kraken Intelligence. Furthermore, the holdings of the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF have climbed by six percent, while the VanEck Bitcoin Strategy ETF and Global X Blockchain & Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITS.O) Bitcoin Strategy ETF have grown by more than three percent.

In April, ProShares’ Bitcoin fund, on the other hand, had outflows of almost $127 million.

According to Norway-based cryptocurrency research company Arcane Research, the positive trend has continued into June, with international Bitcoin ETP assets reaching an all-time level of 205,008 Bitcoin during the first few days of the month.

Furthermore, according to Arcane analyst Vetle Lunde, this is a hopeful sign for what’s to follow.

Only Bitcoin investments have had inflows, indicating that investors are being picky and conservative. Funds concentrating on Ether and other cryptos have seen outflows.

However, keep in mind that, although some funds’ fortunes may be improving, the majority have had negative returns this year because the crypto market has plummeted.

According to Morningstar, US virtual currency funds have lost 46 percent on average thus far in 2022, with losses of 22 percent in May.

In May, all of CryptoCompare’s featured virtual currency investment products lost money, with Grayscale’s Digital Large Cap Fund portfolio losing 38.5 percent of its value.

According to Jack McDonald, the CEO at PolySign, a company that works primarily in virtual currency storage solutions for investment firms, Bitcoin has been fairly stable in tandem with broader market action of late, and investors are searching for a bottom and are unsure where that is.

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC.PK), one of the major Bitcoin trusts with more than $19 billion in crypto assets, is trading at a 29 percent discount compared to net asset value, the biggest drop since its inception and a symptom of low product demand.

Despite the May increase, most market analysts expect cryptocurrency fund inflows to stay muted until economic and legislative issues are better understood.

IDX’s McMillain said they’re awaiting a high confidence bid to return to the markets.

On the macro front, there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done.

The Bottom Line

 Bitcoin and crypto, in general, have gone through a lot in recent times. With so much turbulence, many investors have been scared off. Could now be the time for the long-awaited return of crypto’s frontrunner? Analysts seem to feel that a turnaround could be on the cards soon. Based on various analytics and sources, they could be right and the cryptocurrency giant could return to its former heights.

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