Bitcoin Added to the DigiFinex Exchange

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Recent market information points to the Bitcoin price hitting a bubble in 2021. This, to many cryptocurrency investors, is sad news that may lead to mass movement away from tokens. The crypto market has continued to be volatile for a while with no sign of a bubble, though. It is good, then, to hear some new developments with the uptake of Bitcoin.

How does the news of Bitcoin getting listed on DigiFinex sound? This is good news to all ears, especially for Bitcoin investors. Bitcoin Latinum (LTNM) has announced its intention to list Bitcoin on the DigiFinex Exchange. LTNM is a next-generation, asset-backed, and insured cryptocurrency. The listing is planned for the third week of October 2021.

There is a greater plan to have the token listed on top global exchanges in the coming months. This is a plan made by Monsoon Blockchain; it is the lead developer of Bitcoin Latinum. The intended listing is sweet news for Bitcoin holders who were losing hope in the future of the token. It is a sign of the cryptocurrency’s strength and future.

DigiFinex Exchange

DigiFinex Exchange has its headquarters in Singapore. It prides itself in having over 4 million users across the world. The company’s services are accessible to users in over 150 countries. Its users can trade using a mobile app supported by iOS and Android devices. Traders can use the app to track trade positions and crypto market prices any time and everywhere.

On starting official trading, LTNM is going to be available for trade with USDT and BTC pairs. Half a dozen exchanges are planning to list LTNM before the end of 2021. The DigiFinex listing is pioneering the list.

This exchange company has a daily trading volume of around $1 billion. The big numbers make it one of the top-ranked cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It offers leverage, fiat to crypto trading, spot, and perpetual trading. Besides, the user base of the company has unrivaled 24/7 customer service.

DigiFinex recently got an exemption for the provision of digital payment token services. This is a Singapore exemption that allows users in the region to use the company’s platform. The main purpose of the permit is to get cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Latinum

This is an open architecture cryptocurrency technology. It can handle transactions in large volumes and conducts digital asset management. The system also keeps a check on cybersecurity. Monsoon Blockchain developed Bitcoin Latinum for the Bitcoin Latinum Foundation.

The technology is based on the Bitcoin ecosystem. LTNM happens to be a more secure, faster, and greener version of Bitcoin. It is earmarked to transform digital transactions. The target of listing LTNM on DigiFinex is to reach a wider audience of investors and users. This Bitcoin with a proof-of-stake consensus is meant to bring sustainability.

Bitcoin Latinum has a flexible network that supports 10,000 transactions per second. It facilitates millions of daily retail transactions. The general performance translates to more per minute transactions at lower fees. Bitcoin Latinum has a much better on-chain network for payment compared to Bitcoin.

LTNM is still a greener cryptocurrency in existence. It recently became a member of the Crypto Climate Accord. The token holders can earn rewards on their held coins as security to staking on Bitcoin Latinum. Electricity consumption is reduced in the process by LTNM.

Security of the token is assured as it is insured and has a backing of digital and world assets. The base value increases over time since the asset’s backing is held in a fund model. Furthermore, the transaction fee is taken back into the asset fund backing the currency.

Bitcoin Latinum creates a self-inflating currency due to faster fund growth from its adoption. The listing of this token is in line with the foundation’s commitment to supporting the crypto growth network.

Global Picture

The number of global crypto users has recently exploded. In terms of figures, the size has grown from 100 million to 200 million users in four months. These are the numbers reported by According to Fundera, more people across the world are transacting using cryptocurrencies. It is easier to buy and make in-store payments with the tokens.

Several strategic business partnerships are developing token storage systems. Users are going to safely and securely manage and store their digital assets. The soon-to-be-made available state-of-the-art metal payment card is going to be a game-changer.

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