Many Analysts Predict Bitcoin Is Going to Reach $100,000: When?

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This month, Bitcoin surpassed $68,000 for the first time, setting a new all-time high for this year. It plummeted below $56,000 again in a matter of days.

After starting 2021 below $30,000 in January, Bitcoin’s price has risen dramatically to its current high position. Its value varies dramatically from day to day and even minute to minute.

Despite this, many analysts believe Bitcoin is on its way to breaking the $100,000 barrier; however, there are differing viewpoints on when this is going to happen. The volatility isn’t a surprise, and it’s one of the reasons why experts advise cryptocurrency investors to be cautious when committing a portion of their portfolio to crypto.

Bitcoin has risen in value as steadily as any other virtual currency on the market over the years. It’s only natural for Bitcoin investors to wonder how high this currency might potentially rise.

Unfortunately, the price of Bitcoin is exceedingly difficult to forecast, and it is much more vulnerable to market forces than other asset classes.

Predictions About Bitcoin’s Price

Bitcoin is expected to hit $100,000 by 2023, according to conservative projections.

Some analysts are more optimistic. “The most knowledgeable educators in the space are predicting $100,000 Bitcoin in quarter one of 2022 or sooner,” says Kate Waltman, a certified public accountant specializing in cryptocurrency in New York.

Others prefer to point to the trend of increasing value over time instead of anticipating a figure and a date. Last month, the director of global macro at Fidelity Investments, Jurrien Timmer, anticipated a “pretty sustainable” growth in Bitcoin’s long-term value, powered by organic market activity, with the $100,000 milestone in sight.

Naturally, well-known crypto investors, enthusiasts, and public pundits have significantly differing perspectives and predictions on how high Bitcoin can get. Here are some additional forecasts for the coming year:

Ian Balina

Ian predicts Bitcoin to rise to $75,000 by the end of this year.

Although technical data suggests that $100,000 isn’t out of the picture, Balina told sources that he prefers to be cautious.

Mattew Hyland

Matthew believes Bitcoin is going to reach $250,000 by the start of 2022 (January).

According to Hyland’s Twitter account, Bitcoin passing the $100,000 mark is going to trigger a euphoric bull run. Hyland used the 150 percent increase in Bitcoin from $8,000 to $20,000 immediately after November 2017.

Robert Breedlove

Robert predicts Bitcoin to reach $12.5 million by 2031.

Following COVID-19, inflationary forces are going to boost interest in crypto, pushing the price of Bitcoin higher than prior estimates. Breedlove also mentioned in an interview earlier in 2021 that the fourth quarter of 2021 is around 510 days after a “halving” occurrence in which Bitcoin’s algorithm lowers the incentive for mining transactions on the blockchain. Previous halving episodes, according to Breedlove, have been accompanied by new heights 500 days later.

Essential Factors to Know Regarding Bitcoin’s Price Projections 

Financial planners and other professionals advise against allowing Bitcoin’s price spikes to lead you to make emotional decisions, as they do with any investment. An investor who makes regular contributions to passive index funds and ETFs outperform the market over time, according to studies, thanks to a practice known as dollar-cost averaging.

That’s why experts advise investing no more than five percent of your whole portfolio in cryptocurrencies, and never investing at the expense of emergency savings or paying off high-interest debt.

People who invest in diverse investments such as low-cost index funds, with cryptocurrency making up a modest part of their portfolio, are more likely to build long-term wealth and save for retirement.

Even with cryptocurrency, experts recommend taking a set-it-and-forget-it strategy. Catherine Gutierrez, a certified financial planner, believes that passive investing is an excellent way to achieve your financial goals.

Volatility makes it difficult to understand the “what” and “why” of your cryptocurrency strategy. Before investing in Bitcoin or any other alternative asset, consider what you hope to gain and why you want to participate in such a turbulent market. This assists in helping to remain focused.

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