How to Buy Dogelon Mars (ELON)

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In this article we will be discussing the best ways to trade Dogelon Mars. Dogelon Mars is a cryptocurrency celebrating Elon Musk, his investment in Doge and his plans taking man to Mars. Exchanges list it as (ELON). What its tokenomics are, where you can trade it, and how will be explained fully in this article.

Dogelon Mars Tokenomics

The coin first gifted 50% of its supply to Vitalik Buterin, which was similar to the launch strategy adopted by fellow Elon Musk based coin Shibu Inu. The other 50% of its supply is locked permanently in a liquidity pool. This allows the coin to be traded on decentralized exchanges.

The maximum supply of the ELON token is precisely 1000 trillion coins. Although the current circulating token supply is just over 550,000 billion tokens.

Where to Trade Dogelon Mars?

There are a significant number of different exchanges, marketplaces and brokerages that you can trade Dogelon Mars on. This section will now through several of the most popular, and explain how you trade Dogelon Mars there. Additionally, it will provide you with the best overall choice for purchasing ELON coin. All of this should be helpful to understand where you can trade Dogelon Mars and why to use each particular exchange.

Arguably the most popular crypto exchange, has attained as many as 50 million users. Additionally, the service offers a downloadable app for IOS and Android which can make trading more accessible. also offers a Visa card service with offers like a 5% cash back policy. For those holding on to their investments, offer rewards up to 14.5% the value of the held assets.

With you can purchase ELON coin, and do so in your own national currency and using your card or bank account. You will need to sign up for and provide proof of ID to do so. Users searching for a sleek service tied to a very accessible marketplace might choose to turn to The marketplace can be useful for those looking to hold investments rather than frequently trade, as it offers some high rewards for holding on to crypto investments.

Where to Buy Dogelon Mars?

There are a significant number of different exchanges, marketplaces and brokerages that you can trade Dogelon Mars on. This section will now through several of the most popular, and explain how you trade Dogelon Mars there. Additionally, it will provide you with the best overall choice for purchasing ELON coin. All of this should be helpful to understand where you can trade Dogelon Mars and why to use each particular exchange.

How to Buy Dogelon Mars (ELON) on

While all these marketplaces offer you the ability to trade ELON coin. This has been established through our thorough testing of each service, and we have seen that particularly for Dogelon Mars.

In order to sign up for you need to just follow these steps:

Step 1:

Navigate to and then click on the sign-up button, and then put in your email address. You will receive an email to verify it, which you will need to do to progress.

Step 2:

Phone verification is also worth doing, especially if using the app, although it is not required.

Step 3:

Then, you will need to verify your identity using a valid governmental ID, your legal name, and an up to date selfie. This will need to be verified manually, and so can take up to 24 hours to complete. Step3

After that though you will have an account with Once you put in your card/bank account or PayPal details you can purchase and trade Dogelon Mars coin.


An exchange that is used by as much as a quarter of crypto-currency holders, KuCoin offers a secure and regulated marketplace to purchase Dogelon Mars. KuCoin offers a simple exchange to understand, with a swift sign-up process which does require you to confirm your ID. Its userbase of more than 20 million investors helps provide reassurance of the exchange’s trustworthiness.

ELON is purchasable on KuCoin. It doesn’t require you to purchase another cryptocurrency first, like would be the case on decentralised markets. KuCoin can offer a very simplistic marketplace to purchase ELON coin on safely and quickly.

Poloniex Exchange:

A very wide crypto exchange, Poloniex has become something of a global marketplace. It caters to all timezones and languages in terms of support. Poloniex has also accumulated more than 500 pairs of Crypto coins to purchase and exchange. Additionally, the exchange offers the ability to trade with an up to 100x leverage, making it easier to make high-risk high-return investments.

Poloniex offers the ability to purchase ELON coin. You will have to sign-up and provide ID in order to join the exchange. Additionally, if you are looking to hold Dogelon Mars long term, you can earn rewards on Poloniex for doing so. In this way this exchange is useful for those looking to make significant investments and potentially those who want to hold ELON coin for a longer amount of time.

This exchange has become one of the leading multi-product exchanges, with the ability to exchange crypto-currencies, NFTs and Financial assets. The marketplace has a very high daily volume, with around $1.5 billion on the spot value traded on average. It additionally offers a strategy bot service which offer developments they have been making in AI to provide investing advice and strategies. offers you the ability to purchase Dogelon Mars. However, you must sign up to the exchange and provide your ID to make your account compliant. Doing so does give you access to a number of tools which offers, and can make useful for traders with long term experience wanting an advanced marketplace to do a number of things with.

This is a very secure crypto exchange which focuses significantly on privacy and protection. It is a more accessible exchange, with an app on the App Store and Google Play Store for IOS and Android phones respectively. Additionally, it offers the ability to trade over a hundred different cryptocurrencies and crypto assets.

Included in those are Dogelon Mars, which you can purchase and exchange after you have signed up and provided bank account details. With the sign-up process does not require automatic proof of ID, although this is important to add if you want to cash out and are an American resident. LBank can be a useful exchange for those looking to trade frequently, and would like to access their cryptocurrencies at any point in time.


This exchange offers a massively comprehensive service, with an impressive 500+ different coins and cryptocurrencies available on their exchange. Bitforex provides a complex crypto exchange with several trade tracking functions and multiple versions of marketplaces. Also, it prominently features a beginners guide, explaining how the Bitforex exchange works and how to use it.

Bitforex also offers the ability to trade for and invest in Dogelon Mars, provided you have signed up, provided proof of ID and set up your new Bitforex wallet. This exchange is a fairly well-rounded one, allowing users to access both a complex set of tools and a comprehensive explanation of how to use it. In this way, Bitforex enables their users to learn the strongest way to use their marketplace.


This is a marketplace largely intended to handle and allow users to trade Shiba Inu/Doge/Elon style crypto coins. This makes it particularly useful for Dogelon Mars, but also has important features on offer. Despite its restriction of the kind of cryptocurrencies it offers, there are still over 100 coins available in its marketplace. ShibuSwap can also provide you the chance to purchase and exchange NFTs alongside crypto coins.

The exchange enables you to purchase ELON coin after you have signed up and provided a proof of ID. It will also require you to set up a ShibuSwap wallet, and you will need to be able to handle the Shibu style language that the marketplace uses to signpost and guide users through it. ShibuSwap is attractive to those who are pulled to Dogelon Mars for its celebration of Doge and Elon Musk, as it particularly focuses on those style of coins.

How to Trade Dogelon Mars with PayPal?

PayPal is a very popular way to invest in cryptocurrency, as the separate online wallet keeps your card and bank account details safe. Most crypto exchanges will allow you to deposit cash with PayPal, but do check whichever exchange you decide to start using that this is the case, before you sign-up.

In order go about setting up PayPal to deposit you will need to navigate to your wallet in your exchange account. Then you will need to select to deposit with PayPal. Finally, you will redirect to log in to PayPal. Then permit PayPal’s usage on your selected exchange. Our suggested exchange allows you to use PayPal to deposit.

How to Trade Dogelon Mars with a Credit Card?

Just as with PayPal almost all exchanges will allow you to deposit with your credit card. In order to do so you need to navigate to your wallet again. However, instead of selecting PayPal you will have to select credit card. You will then choose your particular, card, Visa/Credit/Debit… and provide your card details. This will then allow you to deposit straight from your card/bank account whatever cash you want to invest for ELON coin.

Safe Storage

When you purchase your ELON coin it is important that you maintain a safe storage of your new cryptocurrency. Whatever exchange you purchased your Dogelon Mars on you will be given a secure private key, which will be how you access your purchased currency. It is essential that you protect this key by keeping it only in your wallet, and not copying it or storing it anywhere else a data breach could leak it.

Additionally, relying on an established crypto exchange can be the best possible away to avoid being hacked and having your ELON coin stolen and transferred away from you. You will also be able to mitigate as much as possible your chance of being hacked by maintaining a secure password, changing it frequently, and even changing wallet and exchange occasionally. All of this ensures you are as difficult to hack as possible.

Alternative Ways to Trade Dogelon Mars

As Dogelon is a coin built for decentralized trading, via its significant supply in a secure liquidity pool, there are a number of different ways to trade it. We’ll go through each and explain how they work, as well as give advice regarding them.

Dogelon Mars ATMs

Some cryptocurrencies allow you to trade their coin through physical ATMs. These are incredibly risky and often dangerous. However, there are over 30,000 cryptocurrency ATMs throughout 78 countries. Nevertheless, we would not recommend you use this method to purchase ELON coin. Not only are they dangerous, but in some cases, like in the UK, they are totally illegal to use.

P2P Exchanges

Peer to Peer exchanges allow you to swap and trade cryptocurrency with other users directly, rather than purchasing and selling cryptocurrency through a marketplace. Dogelon Mar’s supply in a liquidity pool helps to enable this. The P2P exchanges you can purchase Dogelon Mars coin with include: Binance, ByBit, KuCoin and Gemini.

Mainstream Brokerages

Another popular method to purchase cryptocurrencies are through brokers, who will enable you to purchase Dogelon Coin and give you advice regarding your investments, Mainstream brokers offering ELON coin include, Poloniex Exchange, Bitforex and eToro.

How to Invest in Dogelon Mars?

Simply purchasing ELON coin is not the only method available to invest in the cryptocurrency. While simply buying the coin and waiting for the value to go up over time is the most typical method for investing in the coin, alternative methods are possible. ELON coin’s liquidity pool means you can also invest by exchanging Etherium, rather than cash.

This allows you to make an investment backed by the Etherium coin, potentially reducing your risk. Additionally you can practice stacking (crypto ETP), which involves investing in a exchange traded product which will track the price of Dogelon. This can let you follow the lag slightly of the coin and better predict changes that could occur.

Another method available is investing in crypto ETFs, which is a larger fund tracking the performance of multiple currencies including ELON coin. As a result, it offers you the opportunity to more hedge your investment, and while returns won’t necessarily be as high as simply buying Dogelon, losses can also be much lower.


Overall, there are a number of ways for you to go about purchasing Dogelon Mars coins. Additionally, investing in ELON coin indirectly is possible through Crypto ETFs and ETPs. Finally, you are able to purchase the coins using your credit card, bank or PayPal account.

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Dogelon Mars (ELON) Price Prediction 2023, 2024, 2025 – 2030
The current trading price of ELON coin is around $0.0000003579, however its total market cap is just under $200 million. This reflects the incredibly large supply of Dogelon Mars, which has a high market cap, but it’s much higher supply makes an individual coin a very low value.
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