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Worth Neither the Time Nor the Money

Gtlot is all smoke and mirrors. A beautiful website is hampered by incompetent staff and insufficient technology. All in all, Gtlot is a disappointing experience from beginning to end, which makes it frustrating to use compared to its competition.

Considering one’s money is at stake, it’s best to avoid losing it for no reason. It’s a manual trading app, which in and of itself isn’t a bad quality to have, but Gtlot doesn’t properly lead its investors into the right areas. Its training academy is rudimentary, as is the staff’s expertise in financial matters.

No matter how a person looks at it, it’s as clear as day that Gtlot is a vastly overrated website designed to lure potential clients through a pretty interface and a few lovely words people wish to hear.

What to do instead?

It’s true that Gtlot didn’t impress us much. But remember, this isn’t your only option. There are other platforms that are easier to use and more reliable. We’ve listed them for you in our best online brokers guide. Check it out to find a better place to start your trading adventure.

Gtlot Overview

Gtlot claims to offer plenty of features:

  • Quick Funds Withdrawal
  • Trade on the Go
  • Industry Excellent Payouts
  • Safe Funds
  • Professional Customer Support
  • Award-Winning Platform
  • Education for Users
  • Unique Products

The first two are standard on virtually every competent trading app. Claiming to offer quick funds withdrawal is like a dating app offering a person the possibility of a hookup. It’s expected for the app to do so, so it isn’t worth clamoring over. Praising it just fills up space and forces the user to get a positive image in their head as they browse through the website. In psychology, the halo effect is a real phenomenon that this website uses to its full advantage. Gtlot looks pretty and makes various claims to draw a potential user into using it, all just because they focus on first impressions.

The third bullet point speaks about payouts up to double of your initial investment. Ignoring the “quickly and safely” line, as that is just reiterating the first and fourth points for the sake of filling up space, this claim ignores the possibility of loss. No trading app is perfect, so again, Gtlot is trying to fool users into forcing an excellent first impression that one can earn a lot of money for using this site. The general risk warning about potential loss is at the bottom of the website, where people aren’t going to see it.

Safe funds are a nice feature, so there isn’t much criticism for that aspect. Unfortunately, it doesn’t specify how the funds are kept secure, so it’s unknown if it’s just false promises or not. If it is a valid claim, then it is one of the best aspects Gtlot can offer. Again, other apps tend to do the same thing, but some reassurance never hurts anybody.

“Professional” Customer Support

If incompetent workers being paid near minimal wage for a job they don’t care about is considered professional customer support, then Gtlot has the best team on the planet!

Between staff giving lousy advice that leads to losses and spending near an hour to fix a simple mistake, it’s outstanding that a person could waste so much time with people who know so little. Perhaps there is a lack of coordination, maybe it was their worst employees on the day, but regardless of the scenario, this is not how you treat a client. If somebody out there needs help, the best help is available by finding a different website to use altogether.

Award-Winning Platform

After a lengthy research session, there were still no “awards” found to put in this review. For an award-winning platform, one should expect to see the name of the awards.

However, all a person sees is the same buzzwords. Consistently winning industry accolades? Couldn’t find a single one, so it’s a dubious claim. More likely, the owner of Gtlot pays other reviewers to repeat that buzzword, so fewer people doubt it. Winning awards and accolades is a huge deal, so not listing them anywhere is highly suspicious and untrustworthy.

Education for Users

Some parts of the education service are valuable, yet other factors are not worth the time.

It’s an interesting concept, but it’s quite evident that the mentors are lackluster in socialization. Presenting an idea to a veteran is easy to follow, but it’s unfortunate when a novice is shut down. Honestly, it’s better to look up YouTube videos from established businessmen than it is to follow these courses, as you can save both time and money by doing so.

Unique Features

Unfortunately, Gtlot doesn’t quite list its numerous unique features.

More than 300 trading assets is a vague term. Either most of the assets are worthless and full of clutter, or most people aren’t going to need to see most of them. Having options is nice, but it can be limiting in not knowing the full extent of what this entails to. Their “professional” staff didn’t help clarify what exactly is “unique” about these features.

Country Restrictions

If somebody is in the United States and was curious to find out more about Gtlot, then good luck! The owner of the website has denied access to people living in some regions of the United States.

That is never a good sign to see on a website! This terrible trait leads into two scenarios for the owner: either they don’t know how to handle traffic properly or have been bombasted in the past with appalling reviews (rightfully so) that they wish to limit bad criticism.

Alternatively, one can always use a VPN to get past this limiting security feature. The fact it’s blocked on the west coast of the United States is strange, but the option exists for the morbid curiosity regarding one’s own finances. There’s nothing more to say regarding questionable selectivity, other than something fishy is going on in the background.


There are better tools available on the Internet than Gtlot. Gtlot is nice to look at, but people shouldn’t spend their money on a website that favors aesthetics over functionality.

Take ETFinance, for example. Sure, the website isn’t as beautiful, but it’s a good alternative for simple broking options. It’s easy to see their social media so that a potential client can have more accessibility to ETFinance compared to other brokers without social media. The frequently asked questions section is a nice touch, as are the legal documents.

eXcentral is another good alternative worth investigating. Without paying for anything, a person can see useful upcoming events that can influence trading options. This trait means that a novice doesn’t have to spend much time navigating through a website to see some potentially financial-changing events. These events include both time, date, and currency relevant to the event. There are also some other nifty little things worth checking out on the website without trying to be overbearing like Gtlot can be at times.

Keep in mind, both websites are targeted towards European traders. However, unlike Gtlot, these two websites don’t immediately shut down Americans browsing through the website. Instead, Americans are notified that they cannot legally trade here, but they can still browse without having to use a VPN. By comparison, Gtlot can appear as overly clandestine and untrustworthy by withholding crucial information.

Better Brokers

A good broker should aspire to teach their clients on what to buy and when to sell it. Gtlot can help a user earn some money, but nowhere near the amount they may claim.

It’s better to be realistic in one’s expectations. Claiming to make double the initial investment versus claiming to earn almost 50% of the initial investment are two completely separate claims. The former almost sounds too good to be true while the latter is more down-to-earth.

Both ETFinance and eXcentral have licensed brokers willing to help a user out. Gtlot doesn’t make any claims regarding licensed brokers, so the level of trust offered is minimal by comparison. Going through the process of obtaining a license shows a level of commitment and dedication to the craft. To do that process and try to deceive people isn’t the best use of that license, as a person can earn a lot of money using it for honest means. Brokers without a license aren’t as trustworthy, hence deception is more profitable for them.

Alternative Reviews

Just as this review is a review of Gtlot compared to its competition, there are boundless amounts of other reviews worth checking out for the sake of knowledge. Knowledge is power, so consider all the options available before immediately assuming an app or website is the one everybody must use!

Why Focus on a Negative Review?

Criticism is a means of educating others. Constructive criticism can be used to try and improve something. For example, pointing out the lack of awards and not bragging about the specific type can be considered a form of constructive criticism. Alternative forms of criticism can show off frustration, which leads to the next question: why act frustrated?

Gtlot is a website with an app that promises to help people earn a lot of money. Considering money is imperative to a person’s living, making false promises or failing to back up genuine concerns is something worth criticizing. If somebody loses their hard-earned money because they fell for first impressions, well, that isn’t the right thing to see, is it? By comparing Gtlot to its contemporaries, one can see that alternatives exist. All of these different services within different niches are appealing to various customers.

This review isn’t to say Gtlot is the worst thing in the entire world. Rather, Gtlot fails to stand up to some of its competition due to a lack of clarity and questionable decision-making. If Gtlot fixed some of these traits, it might be able to match up to ETFinance and eXcentral in terms of value. As it stands now, Gtlot is all smoke and mirrors, fooling an unsuspecting user into thinking it’s the best trading app around, when its licensed counterparts outclass it.

All About the Money

A business focuses on the potential to earn money, so everything from Gtlot to eXcentral is looking for ways to get some moolah.

Likewise, a client should be seeking to maximize earnings while using these websites. If they see an award-winning platform, then they better see which awards have been commended to Gtlot. It’s easy to manipulate users into foolish thinking, and cryptocurrency is a volatile market. One wrong decision can cost a user thousands on their investment. Even a lucky user is bound to mess up if they keep gambling on unreliable “expert” opinions.

Regardless of the website’s many claims, Gtlot has better alternatives any user should seek out before using Gtlot. All trading apps should have quick withdrawals with the possibility to trade on the go, so Gtlot isn’t all that unique. Unfortunately, Gtlot has several ways to go before being a recommended option.

Risk Disclaimer

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