Shiba Inu May Not Reach the Dollar Mark But a New Coin May

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Investors are questioning if the most prevalent meme tokens, such as Shiba Inu, would ever touch $1. The continuing virtual currency correction, on the other hand, is tempting traders to consider multi-utility cryptos and the leading virtual world games, which would provide long-term advancement.

Let’s take a look at Tamadoge, one of the best play-to-earn virtual currency games. Keep reading to find out how to purchase meme tokens such as Tamadoge and where you can purchase Tamadoge right now.

What Is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge (TAMA) is a fresh play-to-earn (P2E) system that promises to be one of the biggest new cryptos to put money in during 2022. Here are five factors relating to why virtual currency traders are keeping an eye on Tamadoge:

A Beta Presale

Tamadoge is a forthcoming cryptocurrency with a lot of potential for growth when contrasted to Shiba Inu, whose investors have already seen tremendous peaks since 2019. TAMA is Tamaverse’s native virtual currency and functionality token. Tamaverse is a decentralized environment that enables users to accumulate in-game incentives on its digital economic system.

Furthermore, Tamadoge (TAMA) began its beta presale on July 25th, 2022. TAMA can be purchased at a small cost of 1,000 coins or $10 worth. This can be an excellent time to invest in virtual currency because tokens generally exhibit explosive growth after being listed on significant crypto exchanges.

The Attention to the Metaverse

The metaverse market valuation is predicted to reach $1,600 billion by 2030, as per EmergenResearch. As a result, there have been countless innovative NFT initiatives and metaverse systems.

Tamadoge is one such system that allows users to take part in P2E games to gain in-game virtual currency rewards while also utilizing DeFi (Decentralized Finance) policies and procedures. Additionally, Tamadoge pets, which are simulated in-game characters minted as NFTs, can be purchased by players. These are used in the group to compete for positions on a month-to-month scoreboard.

Therefore, the platform takes advantage of the growing prominence of the metaverse as well as NFT procedures to provide a ground-breaking P2E user experience.

Tokenomics and Deflation

Because of its contractionary tokenomics, TAMA is the ideal meme coin to purchase. Shiba Inu has a total token availability of one quadrillion tokens, so supply exceeds consumption. TAMA, in contrast, has a maximum limit of 2 billion digital assets.

Tamadoge was given a restricted supply by network developers to guarantee that demand outnumbers availability in the long term, possibly creating an upward price momentum. Furthermore, anytime investors splurge TAMA tokens on the system, five percent of all crypto assets are burned. This should contribute to a reduction in total supply going forward.

A Token with Multiple Uses

One of the most serious issues with meme tokens has been a total absence of convenience and use-cases. While Shiba Inu pledges to guide users through the Shib environment and the ShibSwap, the virtual currency has yet to provide several uses for its economic system.

TAMA, on the other hand, is at the heart of the Tamaverse. To begin with, the tokens can be used to buy Tamadoge pets from the Tama shop, with a fraction of the tokens dispersed for advertising and incentive reasons. TAMA can also be used to allocate in-game prizes. As a result, the token’s trading volume may rise in tandem with the prominence of the P2E system.

Long-Term Growth Strategies

Tamadoge’s creators have planned out their project roadmap for the coming few years. Firstly, TAMA should be implemented on LBank, a centrally controlled exchange, in the near future. TAMA is also expected to be implemented on UniSwap, a prevalent decentralized exchange (DEX).

Secondly, Tamadoge is scheduled to launch an augmented reality (AR) software in Q4 2022, which could preserve the P2E intricacies of the web-based game. As a result, Tamadoge is poised to be one of the hottest original digital currencies in 2022.

The Bottom Line

One of the biggest issues relating to various crypto projects has been a lack of planning for the future. TAMA promises to take a fresh new look at the implementation of cryptocurrency in a gaming context. It should be interesting to see exactly how this system plays out.

Risk Disclaimer

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