Release of the First NFT Based Multiverse Game

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HeroSeri is a video game franchise that helped pave the way for Metaverse incorporation. Players have the opportunity to play a variety of games in the HeroSeri Multiverse, but the story and characters remain similar throughout all games.

Amobear Studio recognizes how their tasks can help develop a videogame Multiverse that keeps players engaged for years. Each player’s contribution is valued by HeroSeri, who thinks that they have complete control over both their gameplay experience and their source of revenue. As a result, a player-owned economic system in HeroSeri allows players to engage in a wide range of activities that can generate various forms of income.


Inside the HeroSeri Multiverse, there are three games in all. HeroSeri Puzzle is the first to debut, so as to guide players through the in-depth tale and characters. It is said to have an easy-to-use ecosystem with a user-friendly UI and continually entertaining gameplay.

The CEO of HeroSeri confirms that the videogame’s accessibility appeals to both older populations who experienced childhood with classic games such as Tetris and younger generations who may find the game’s impending PvP feature challenging and fascinating.

What Does the Future Hold for HeroSeri?

Since 2017, the videogame has been constantly improved. By January 2022, HeroSeri built millions of distinct NFTs and thoroughly tested their games to ensure that they are ready to launch.

In late February, HeroSeri was successfully listed on CoinMarketCap; the project also wants to be listed on additional reputable exchanges to suit the needs of investors.

The Genesis NFT Boxes, which includes heroes of different ethnicities and rarities, should be released by HeroSeri’s project team in the first three months of 2022. Through the second three months of the year, HeroSeri should have a few IDOs on a number of well-known launchpads.

How Seriously Does HeroSeri Take NFT Ownership?

NFT Ownership is taken more seriously by HeroSeri than any other initiative. Tuan Nguyen of Amobear guarantees that when you buy an NFT, such as one of the game’s Heroes, HeroSeri’s AI system can generate the color for you. As a result, each Hero or Item in the Multiverse, created by HeroSeri, should have a distinct look, emphasizing NFT Ownership.

Furthermore, despite the fact that different games are in different phases, HeroSeri users can utilize their already-purchased NFT to continue playing throughout the multiverse without the need to make multiple transactions. This function not only increases the value of NFTs but also improves the gaming experience.

Do Gamers Support These Initiatives?

A few significant themes arise when reading social media remarks made by the gaming community. One, there is a never-ending debate between gamers and developers about how games should be monetized. Gamers prefer to pay a single cheap payment to play a game indefinitely. Developers, on the other hand, are always experimenting with various funding models in order to increase their profits.

Gamers have in the past been subjected to pricey downloadable content, such as premiums, micro-transactions, and random loot boxes, all of which have been met with disapproval.

They all have one thing in common: they don’t make games more enjoyable to experience; however, what they do manage to achieve is making them more expensive. This is why, when Ubisoft announced that NFTs would be integrated into its shooting series Ghost Recon Breakpoint, its players rioted.

Moreover, for the time being, it looks like the game’s NFTs may be limited to cosmetic things such as digital hats and jackets. However, it’s simple to picture Ubisoft restricting access to certain areas of the videogame depending on NFT possession: at which stage the whole thing becomes just another micro-transaction to layer on top of the pile.

The Bottom Line

Although the introduction of NFTs into video games is a new concept, the theme of monetization has been around for a while. How well gamers accept NFTs could have a major financial impact on these tokens. This is due to the gaming industry being the highest-earning entertainment sector in recent times.

By looking at previous forms of monetization, we can pick up a trend of disapproval. Even though the gamers themselves seem to disapprove, micro-transactions continue to be leading earners for developers, surpassing initial sales revenue in some cases.

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